SEO and IA

Interesting presentation about the relationship between information architecture and search engine optimization: Search engine optimization and IA: the beginnings of a beautiful friendship.

Search engines help us find what we want while lacking the ability to understand the context of our needs. Information architecture is crucial to resolving this dilemma by communicating the site message in an organic as well as structured way that is visible to the primary technology users employ to find information online.

In the email from the presenter, Marianne Sweeney, she writes: “In today’s increasingly contextual Web, the initial direction to mention, that of interlinking between contextually related pages, would be more useful. Also of use, is to select certain pages as designated authorities on a particular subject and then mount a focused linking campaign to obtain links to those pages.”

Which is encouraging, as that’s what we’re attempting to do with the website at St Andrews. The BBC News website does it very well too, with its “See also”, “Related news”, sidebar links.

(As spotted on the IA Institute mailing list by Gareth J M Saunders.)