How Bill Gates works

Interesting article “How I Work: Bill Gates” about how Bill Gates (you know, that bloke with the software house) works.  Good insights into his productivity methods.

It seems to boil down to:

  1. Three monitors (email, current work item, browser)
  2. Email filtering
  3. Ignore “the toast” – pop-up email notification
  4. Email, Desktop folders and Calendar instead of to-do lists
  5. SharePoint to collaborate on projects
  6. Search
  7. Whiteboard

I can certainly vouch for three monitors, email filtering and the whiteboard.

Gareth @ St Andrews


Pixel ruler for Visio 2003 … and everything else


Oddly, Microsoft Visio 2003 doesn’t support pixel measurements, which for me is about as annoying as Microsoft Publisher not supporting colours specified in hex.

Information architect Gene Smith has developed his own simple pixel ruler for Visio.

Everything else

So, for Visio there’s Gene Smith. For everything else I recommend Cool Ruler by FabSoft.