At St Andrews we’re about to begin a new portal / intranet project. Any comments, recommendations, insights, pitfalls, welcomed.

I’ve discovered that the Nielsen Norman Group have a two volume report (from November 2007) based on case studies of 56 intranets called “Intranet Information Architecture”.

There’s a summary on Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox site, and here’s a summary from the Nielsen Norman Group site:

Two-volume report on how to best structure your intranet, how to design its navigation system, and how to run the IA aspects of the design process.

Richly illustrated with 744 color screenshots of real intranets and their navigation design and other IA screen elements.

The report contains detailed profiles of 56 real-world intranets‘ information architecture as well as generalized analyses and best-practice recommendations derived from these many case studies. This report shows you how real intranets work – it’s not speculation or fantasy; it’s hard reality.

Our analysis encompassed intranets from a wide range of organizations in 12 countries:

  • 33 companies from a variety of industries, including financial services, utilities, and technology
  • 11 government agencies
  • 5 healthcare providers
  • 4 educational institutions
  • 3 non-profits

Of the organizations, 11 were small (500 employees or less), 30 were mid-sized (501-20,000 employees), and 15 were large (more than 20,000 employees).

Intranet Blog

Here’s also an interesting blog about intranets, imaginatively titled Intranet Blog, written by Toby Ward.