The Architects of the Information Age

Spotted on the Information Architecture Institute February 2008 newsletter: “This month’s Fortune magazine has an advertising feature about information architecture and the Kent State IAKM program: “The Architects of the Information Age”.”

Online, information architecture is everything. If a site doesn’t understand that users searching for “pensioner” really want information that’s been filed under “retiree,” it’s not going to return the best results. And that’s just one of many pitfalls.

“If users aren’t achieving their goals when they visit your site, you can be sure you’re not going to achieve your business goals, either,” says Eric Reiss, president of the Information Architecture Institute, a nonprofit group that supports more than 1,500 professionals and organizations specializing in the design of shared information environments.

You can download the article in PDF format: The Architects of the Information Age (PDF, 159 KB)