Font matrix

Western fonts matrix

Richard Rutter of 24 ways has “put together a matrix of (western) fonts showing which are installed with Mac and Windows operating systems, which are installed with various versions of Microsoft Office, and which are installed with Adobe Creative Suite.”

The fonts matrix can be downloaded (XLS or CSV) or printed for handy reference.


The Elements of Typography applied to the Web is another really useful resource (still a work in progress), also from Richard Rutter, that gives a good grounding in the ‘rules’ of typography.


Kuler add-on for Dreamweaver

If you’ve ever used the Adobe Kuler online application for selecting theme colours, and you use Dreamweaver, then you may be interested in Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler 1.0.0 from WebAssist.

It’s free too.

If not then … well, there might be something interesting on telly just now …

Colorblind Web Page Filter

My colleague Steve has just discovered this Colorblind Web Page Filter.

  1. Enter the URL of a page you’d like to check
  2. Select which types of colour blindness to check against
  3. Submit

The software will then display the page applying colour filters to show what the page will look like to those with that kind of colour blindness.

The tool is still in development, seemingly, but looks like a useful resource.