Next meeting: Friday 4 November 2016

Our theme for the meeting will be content, and from previous meetings and feedback it looks like courses could be a useful focal point for this. We’ve also had an enquiry from a project who might be able to pop along and brief us on what they’re up to which could be very interesting. More on that to follow.

Loose agenda

  • 1230-1300 Arrival
  • 1300 Welcome
  • 1310 Gov.Scot (TBC) / Content Discussion
  • 1430 Coffee
  • 1445 Continue discussion
  • 1600 Roundup/close
  • 1630 Onward travel/refreshments in the Merchant City


Please feel free to submit refinements or specific suggestions – especially those in content-centric roles.

  • Course landing pages i.e. what is the first page you’ve designed for your users to hit and begin to explore your course offerings?
  • Course pages – content, language, features, calls to action
  • KIS widget in particular. How incorporated, issues, etc.
  • Content required as part of the course selection journey – fees, accommodation, funding, applying
  • House styles / brand / plain english
  • Review cycles / prompts
  • Ownership / responsibility
  • User testing / research
  • XCRI


  • Be able to describe quickly how your course content is created and maintained – DB, manual, specialist editors, free-for-all, etc. Feel free to bring slides or submit them ahead of the meeting. If we can gather enough of this ahead of the meeting, I can put together comparison slides.
  • Are you engaged in any course-centric projects at the moment?
  • Have a look at your analytics – could we perhaps share a dashboard or custom report template to allow us to compare the same metrics for a given period?
    • Total views of course pages and the annual cycle for that?
    • Top course pages?
    • Bounce rates?
    • Landing page paths / funnels / behaviours?
    • Technical stats on browsers / devices?
    • Time of day?
    • Time on page?

Next meeting on Friday 5 August

The next meeting of the Scottish Web Folk will be on Friday 5 August 2011 at University of Strathclyde, Collins Building.

Attendees have confirmed from Strathclyde, QMU, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Glasgow Caledonian, Abertay, SAC as well as a handful of maybes. Plenty of space for more people, so please let Duncan Ireland know if you’re planning on joining us.


The draft agenda is:

12:00 Room Available
12:30 Arrive / network
13:00 Welcome / Activity update per institution / Feedback from IWMW2011
13:30 Adaptive web designs / separate small-screen device website (generated by CMS) / style for small-screen devices using CSS
14:00 HTML5 – pros and cons to using
14:30 Coffee / network
15:00 Cookie Legislation discussion / actions
15:30 Course Search tools
16:00 Digital Publication platforms (CEROS, zMags, etc.)
16:30 Close

Additional topic

Digital Asset Management was also suggested as a topic, if we breeze through the others, we may move on to that or if there is a greater interest in this than an existing item, please let Duncan know.


If T4 users would like to attend a session specifically on T4 then please let Duncan know and we can arrange one for earlier in the day around T4 v7 hints, tips and experiences or any current issues which you’d like to discuss.

Presentation: 3 ways to improve your website

These are my slides from today’s meeting.  I was looking at:

  • Improvement 1 – Adding hCard to Contact Details and hCalendar to Events
  • Improvement 3 – Search Auto-discovery
  • Improvement 6 – Add hint text to search boxes

It’s published under a Creative Commons licence (details on the slideshow) so feel free to use it and adapt it as required.

Cheat sheets

These are a few of the cheat sheets that I use with these technologies:




Gareth @ St Andrews

September meeting at University of Glasgow

A bit late (perhaps) to post this (as the meeting is being held tomorrow), but here’s the information about the next meeting of the Scottish Web Folk:


Friday 12th September 2008

1030-1200 Parallel sessions on T4 SiteManager and SiteStat

1200-1300 Lunch

1300-1600 Main session


University of Glasgow, No 2 University Gardens

Both the morning and afternoon sessions will be held in rooms in No. 2 University Gardens.

You can also get information about travel arrangements as well as a full campus map at Travel into Glasgow. University Gardens is at D15 on the full map.

T4 parallel session will be held in Room 208, 2 University Gardens
SiteStat parallel session will be held in Room 209, 2 University Gardens

Main afternoon session will be held in Room 208, 2 University Gardens


The morning T4 session is going to have a more technical spin, looking at the API, brokers, handlers etc. Colin might want to chip in with what he has planned for the SiteStat folk.

The afternoon session includes a discussion about the ’10 improvements’ presentation that Mike Nolan (from Edge Hill University) presented as a Parallel Session at the IWMW08. You can see the slides from the presentation for more info.

Proposed agenda

1030-1200 Simultaneous T4 / Sitestat Sessions (Similar to the May meeting)

1200-1300 Lunch / Afternoon session arrivals

1300-1310 Welcome
1310-1330 IWMW08 Feedback / Discussion including Brian K’s offer of consultancy
1330-1340 Improvement 1 – Adding hCard to Contact Details
1340-1350 Improvement 2 – Adding hCalendar to Events
1350-1400 Improvement 3 – Feed Auto-discovery
1410-1420 Improvement 4 – Search Auto-discovery
1420-1430 Improvement 5 – Minimise JS/CSS with YUI Compressor

1430-1500 Coffee

1500-1510 Improvement 6 – Enable gzip compression
1510-1520 Improvement 7 – Add hint text to search boxes
1520-1530 Improvement 8 – Optimise page loading
1530-1540 Improvement 9 – Make the most of Google – alerts, Webmaster tools, etc.
1540-1550 Improvement 10 – Custom 404 page
1550-1600 General discussion / Close

October meeting confirmed

Abertay Library

Meeting date and location

Friday 26 October is the date, and the University of Abertay Dundee library on Bell Street is the venue (see location on Google maps).

Go to the main desk in the library where somebody there will be able to direct you up to level 4 where the meetings will be held. There is also a student centre across from the library where we may be able to track down some drinks. 🙂


Morning 10.00-12 noon

Software specific discussion groups.

  • Nedstat Sitestat chaired by David
  • T4 chaired by Duncan

Afternoon 13.00-16.00

Usual Scottish Web Folk meeting

  • Agenda items to expand upon topics brought up at IWMW 2007 in York
  • Application Express (HTMLDB) from Oracle (David from Abertay) demo / chat
  • Any further suggestions? (speak with Duncan Ireland)