Teaching & Learning with Facebook group

Teaching and Learning with Facebook

BJ Fogg from Stanford University, author of Persuasive Technology and founder of startup YackPack (a Web 2.0-style service for live talk and voice messages), has started a Facebook group for “people interested in pushing the envelope of education” using Facebook.

It’s called Teaching & Learning with Facebook (requires login to Facebook).


What it’s about

Here’s what BJ has to say about the group:

Compared [with] other online systems, Facebook’s tools for groups are limited. Facebook offers no wiki, no group notifications, no applications you can install on a group page. Despite the current limitations (which we all hope will change soon), Facebook has big potential for teaching and learning.

Facebook offers three clear advantages over any other solution:

#1. Our students use Facebook and like it
In most cases our students are already on Facebook. They hang out here. They like it. As teachers we bring our expertise and learning processes into their world.

#2. The social connections are built in
Facebook maps out students’ social connections. This can be used in many ways, such as having students get peer feedback on their work. (The value of Facebook’s Social Graph is a big topic, which we’ll explore together in the coming weeks.)

#3. New applications launched daily
Facebook is adding applications faster than any other company. It seems that most days someone posts a new app that benefits teaching and learning. Soon we’ll have a wealth of options. Most important: All this functionality will be integrated with social connections. (This last idea probably should be point #4.)

I thought this might be an interesting group to keep an eye on, given some of the discussions at IWMW2007 in York. I’ve joined the group, you might like to consider it too.

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